Game Basics

Retro Rollers is based in a dystopian universe where a toxic fog has driven the world’s inhabitants to living above the clouds. The fog, which started as the byproduct of intense over-pollution, has evolved into a terrible life-hunting entity that will consume anyone not fast enough to escape its grasp.

You and the other rollers are the fastest among the remaining population who entertain themselves by outrunning the fog in various game modes and obstacle courses.

In this chapter you can find details related to:



Action Key (Defaults)
Jump (Double Jump) Space
Dash D
Dash Up W
Dash Down S
Dash Back A
Diagonal Dash D + W , D + S , A + W, A + S
Brake Shift (Hold)


Dashes are the bread and butter of the rollers toolkit. You can use dashing to smash through crates, boost your speed, make quick adjustments, and hit other players! Effectively dashing will ensure your place in the winners circle - assuming you don’t bonk into any Obstacles.

You have three dashes available to you once you leave the ground. When you touch the ground again, assuming you didn’t crash, your dashes and jumps will reset. You can keep track of how many dashes are remaining in the top left corner of the Game UI.

3 dashes left
2 dashes left
1 dash left

Crates can be destroyed by any dash, make sure you get the timing right or you’ll get bonked!

Smash through crates by dashing

Next we’re going to cover the different dash types and their use cases.

Horizontal Dash

This dash D will be your main source of speed, but can get you into trouble fast! For every in-air combo, your dash will increase in speed and intensity - maxing out on the third dash.

Three dash combo (watch out!)

You can jump out of a dash to end it early. To do this, tap or hold Space while you are dashing.

You can fly! Doesn't always mean you should

Up & Down Dash

Up W and Down S dash may seem to not have many use cases, but can be used in a variety of ways such as:

  • Quick repositioning
  • Crash through breakable floors & ceilings
  • Avoiding obstacles
  • PvP
  • Ramps
Surprise your opponents & crash through obstacles!

Down ramps can be utilized by timing down dashes just as you’re over them. Doing this will require practice, but in no time you’ll be sailing through the course!

Grab some speed on ramps

Diagonal Dashes

Diagonal dashes are great for making quick adjustments without the cost to speed the up & down dashes cause. Using (W+D) to diagonally dash up and (S+D) to dash down, you can maneuver quickly without falling behind.

Zig Zag chaos


Jumping is as easy as pressing Space, jumping again while mid-air will use your double jump. If you jump during a horizaontal dash D, you will double jump without the cost to your jump count - making it possible to jump 5 times in an air combo! Your jumps reset when you land on the ground, so use them wisely.

To better understand how to use these moves read up on types of Obstacles.



Unfinished construction has left loads of crates scattered around the map, usually in an inconvenient place. To avoid these obstacles you can jump over them, or dash through them - careful to time your dash so you make it through!

Gas Tanks & Oil Barrels

Gas tanks & Barrels can be extremely dangerous and could cost you the game if you’re not paying attention. But use them to your advantage, and you could turn the tide of the race.

Wall & Ground Tiles

These tiles can not be destroyed and are safe to run on but will slightly bonk you if you run into them head-on.

You will find old, cracked variants of these tiles around the map that can be smashed through with your dash!

Classic Mode

Classic Mode (single-player) is a tribute to Alpha versions of the game. In this mode the roller must run away endlessly from the toxic fog that is chasing them, all while navigating through a progressively difficult course. Go too slow and you will be caught, lose control at fast speeds and you may fall (or get bonked) off the ledge!

High Scores

High scores can be submitted if you logged in to your wallet and selected your roller before the match. Scores you submit will appear on our classic mode Leaderboard where you can compete with others for the crown!

Race Royale


Retro Rollers multiplayer is almost upon us! Race against the fog and other rollers to be the last alive and crowned winner!

Select your Roller and Ready up!

Roll for your life!

The rollers in last place are in the greatest danger of falling to the toxic fog’s essence. Fight your way to the lead using your dash and other obstacles to your advantage.


In this mode, you can BONK other players by hitting them with your dash. If you’re more of a pacifist and prefer to not bonk, that’s okay - you might be getting more speed than the others. You will still get bonked regardless of your bonking preference.

Wager Match - coming soon

More information coming soon.

Ranked - coming soon

More information coming soon!