In no particular order, here are some of the major things we’re building in 2023:

  • PvP Race Royale Alpha
  • Android + iOS releases
  • Cosmetics: Dress your Roller up in all sorts of outfits and accessories!
  • Trials: Speed through expansive, hand-crafted levels to get the fastest time, collecting all the coins and bonuses along the way.
  • Private Marketplace: A specially crafted marketplace for trading in-game items.
  • Campaign Mode: Uncover the story of the Rollers and the dangers lurking in the city while completing objectives in campaign missions.
  • Wager Matches: Make your friends and rivals put their money where their mouth is in this 1v1 winner-takes-all game mode.
  • Training Mode: Practice your maneuvers in the endless training dojo.
  • Achievements, Ranked Ladders, Power-ups, and so much more.